Checklist Items To Add When Moving

If you are someone who is considering moving, or is in the process of moving there are a numerous things that you need to think about and keep track of. You will need to know the documentation part of moving, the mortgage, ownerships, deeds and titles, or the landlord or landlady’s contract documents and such; then you will need to keep track of the packing and shipping component; this all is apart from the family obligations and daily needs and getting your old house to sell hopefully before you move. So here are some items to add to your checklist, in a time-wise fashion.

Around 8 weeks before you move

This is the time where you start your groove on getting all your items into a checklist for same day delivery Sydney to Melbourne and into basic categories of items. You should be researching moving companies and freight companies (if moving abroad or long distances) and talking to friends and family members who moved recently for recommendations and ideas.

You should also be looking into your rights and responsibilities that you need to be aware of when obtaining services from a business for moving your items and also look into insurances you would need to cover your things for the move. Sometimes the moving services and parcel freight services that are happy to assist you come with these insurances so you would not need to worry about that part much.

This is also the time where you should be informing banks, doctors, postal services, hospitals, schools and other things that need to be moved with your when going to a new area and open new accounts and transfer all your money and information.

Around 5 weeks before you move

The food from your refrigerator, freezer, pantry and store cupboards should start emptying and your grocery shopping should be limited to a two or three day haul.

You should also start informing your friends, family and neighbors about the move; usually an email or phone call will work and send your new contact information too. 

Items that you need for packing like boxes, packing tape, labels, box cutters, bubble wrap and other supplies need to be purchased in bulk. You will require dish boxes, wardrobe boxes, mattress bags and other items to pack your specialty items. This is also the time to get your labeling system in place and inform all the family members about it; try to make a simple instruction list for the kids as it will not stay in their minds anyway. Also stick the packing room-by-room schedule into that instructions list and stick in on their doors.

These are some basic items to keep in mind before moving, you should customize any list you get from the internet to your own household and also keep a note in hand to write down anything that you remember.