How To Master The Art Of The Fosbury Flop

gamesAthletics is an individual sporting event where your success will depend on the level of your training, dedication, commitment as well as a bit of luck. Out of the many events of track and field High jump is one of the most attractive events performed on the field. The elegance and the style of the jump can keep a stadium transfixed and captive. Its beauty is that it requires a whole lot of concentration, planning and decision making within seconds to do one single jump. It most definitely is tough. But its challenging nature has made it so attractive and those who capture the essence of it most definitely fall in love with the event and develops a passion for it. This article is for such souls who found high jump as a challenging love, to improve themselves with the proper techniques.

Dick Fosbury attracted a lot of attention in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics for his unique jumping style in the event of men’s high jump. Until then the scissor jump was practiced by most jumpers and Fosbury won the gold custom medal for his unusual performance by taking off with his back against the bar and landing on his back. Today, this technique is the standard high jump technique used by most jumpers across the world and given bellow are its main parts and method.

The approach
This is the beginning of the jump or the linear part of running before taking the turn for the bend. The run up has to be taken before the jump. If your takeoff foot is left, the run up has to be taken from the right side of the mattress and vice versa if the takeoff leg is right. Most athletes start the approach with their takeoff leg and hence you should take an even number of steps for the run up, preferably 10. The first five steps are used in the linear run while the next five are used in the curve. The first five steps are known as the approach and it gives the momentum for the ultimate jump. If you’re going for a cheap custom medallions at any meet, you need to focus on high knee running in the approach with rhythm.

The take off
The takeoff is the running in the bend. The first two steps of the bend are important as you need to slightly slant your body towards the side of the mattress while on the run. The proper slanting your center of gravity will give you a very good momentum and pace. The last three steps are the most important. Your entire effort would be in vein if you do not get this right. You need to speed up in the last three steps like a sprinter to gain more momentum and hit hard on the ground using your entire foot to get the lift for your jump. To know more about trophies in Sydney, check out here.

Clearing the bar
Once you do the takeoff you will be on midair. You need to turn your body a 180 degrees and have your back against the bar and try to push your head back while on midair and at the same time work on your hips and bend it well while lifting your legs to avoid them from hitting the bar. You need to concentrate on all these areas to attain a good jump.